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Design & Development Services

From prototyping and one-off solutions to enterprise-wide technology adoption and change management, we enjoy supporting our customers' most challenging projects. Software and RF over fiber (RFoF) distribution systems are our specialty, but we've also designed, developed, and delivered solutions ranging from electro-optical sensor integrations and data aggregation to RF monitoring and signals analysis. Despite our broad reach, some problems are beyond us and, if yours falls into that category, we'll help you find the right firm to help.

Hardware Sales

Cogitari sells the hardware needed to build and secure communications systems. We work closely with the manufacturers to ensure your exact requirements are understood and, if necessary, we facilitate component customization, testing, and integration. Whether you need a turn-key solution or OEM components for R&D, our engineers and sales team will get you what you need.

Support Services

Cogitari's technical and operational support services are enhanced by our direct working relationships with top hardware and software manufacturers. Whether you need the assistance of a seasoned RF engineering, systems architect, software developer, or project manager, Cogitari can help.

The Next Generation Wireless Communications & Network Infrastructure

Multi-layered VPN over MIMO RFoF DAS

RF over Fiber (RFoF)
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Deliver and manage WIFI, Cellular, Public Safety, SATCOM, GPS, and virtually any other RF service with ease, reliability, and security.

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Because we see the forest, the trees, the terrain, the weather, the people who've gone before, the ones that might show up, their interplay, and the consequences.

And because our technical expertise is real, our desire to serve your needs is sincere, our solutions work, and our passion for optimality is contagious.

Cogitari, Inc.Integrating the technologies and lessons learned from dozens of industries to help others work smarter, more efficiently, and more securely.


Cogitari was founded by a team whose members have excelled in several very different industries. It is through our collective exposure to a wide variety of problems and working environments that we came to understand our common ambition: To identify and constructively apply lessons learned without concern for violating “industry norms”, if that's what it takes to help people do their jobs more efficiently and with greater peace of mind. In practical terms, this means integrating technologies often borne from very different needs to solve a problem for which their creators never imagined. It also means approaching problems from angles that others have not yet considered. Industry hype describes this process as “disruptive” but, really, we’re just solving problems with ALL the resources available to us. And, because we are a group of deeply curious people with histories of success in private sector business management, military operations, software design and development, intelligence community technologies and methods, special operations, and human performance (i.e., physiology), there are almost always relationships between our customer’s needs and the work we’ve done for others in the past. It is this drive to assimilate and exploit knowledge gained from every available source that makes Cogitari so effective at improving the lives of others.

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